Screening for impairments

The Brief Rehabilitation Assessment for Survivors of Head and Neck Cancer (BRASH) was developed in consultation with survivors, family members, and health care professionals, after reviewing the literature on head and neck cancer rehabilitation needs. The BRASH is used as a prompt list, of sorts, to help survivors identify and prioritize their rehabilitation concerns, as well as set rehabilitation goals. The list is designed to be used in a transdisciplinary manner, so that any health care professional can administer it. The BRASH has been found to have acceptable content and discriminant validity¹.  Please feel free to copy for your own use, but do not make any changes.

Setting Goals and Measuring Goal Attainment

Part 2 of the BRASH was created for this study using Bandura’s Guide to Creating Self-Efficacy Scales (2006). It also draws from the Canadian Occupation Performance Measure (COPM)². It was designed to be used after going through the BRASH with the patient. It can also be used independently to measure the patient’s self-perceived confidence, performance and satisfaction related to their goals. Please feel free to copy for your personal use, but do not change the instrument.

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