Lymphedema Management

Klose Training Lymphedema Management – Head and Neck Lymphedema Management – Online
This course requires registration and payment for access, but provides modules and video demonstrations for massage, bandaging, compression, and exercise; specifically for head and neck lymphedema. The Klose website has other lymphedema courses available, such as using elastic taping for edema management, but these do not focus on head and neck lymphedema.

International Concensus Best Practices for the Management of Lymphedema (2006)
A summary of best available evidence and current practices for the management of lymphedema of all origins.

The following are studies on lymphedema in head and neck cancer patients:

Lymphedema in Patients with Head and Neck CancerLymphedema HCP

Lymphedema in Patients Treated for Head and Neck Cancer

Lymphedema Management in Head and Neck Cancer

Impact of Secondary Lymphedema After Head and Neck Cancer Treatment on Symptoms, Functional Status, and Quality of Life

Patient perceptions of living with head and neck lymphoedema and the impacts to swallowing, voice and speech function