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Exercise Interventions For Shoulder Dysfunction in Patients Treated For Head and Neck Cancer
A Cochrane review of treatment options for shoulder dysfunction

Exercise and Nutrition for Head and Neck Cancer

Cancer Care Ontario exercise guidelines for people with cancer (summary)
Published in June 2015, Cancer Care Ontario has provided a document covering exercise guidelines for people with cancer based on best available evidence, and an expert review panel. The full, detailed copy is also available – Cancer Care Ontario exercise guidelines for people with cancer (full)

TheraBite Exercises to Treat Trismus Secondary to Head and Neck Cancer
TheraBite is a portable jaw rehabilitation device created by ATOS Medical. It is designed to treat trismus or mandibular hypomobility. The product can be found here.

Physical activity for people with metastatic bone disease

A Team-Based Approach to Cancer Rehab: Physical Therapy and Exercise to Reduce Cancer Fatigue


Training programs for exercise professionals

There are a number of programs available with online and in-person options to train exercise and health care professionals in working with people with cancer. The authors of this site do not endorse one program over another and receive no benefit from featuring these programs. 

Rehab Techniques in Oncology

Advanced Rehab Techniques in Oncology

Clinical Cancer Exercise Specialist Workshop 

Cancer Exercise Training for Health & Fitness Professionals 

The Cancer Exercise Specialist™ Advanced Qualification