Ensuring you receive adequate nutrition after head and neck cancer treatment can be difficult.

Changes to your swallowing may mean you require a special diet or a feeding tube. Dry mouth, changes in taste, and difficulty opening the mouth can make eating difficult. You may also have lost a significant amount of weight during treatment, or have very little desire to eat. Please refer to the resources below to learn more about addressing your nutritional needs during and after cancer treatment.

You can also refer to the Swallowing resource section for more strategies specific to swallowing, or the Sensation section for changes in taste.

Resources for enhancing nutrition during and after cancer treatment

Find help with rehabilitation for nutritional needs

  • Patients who receive chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment at University Health Network have access to a registered dietitian. Ask your team for a referral if one was not automatically made. UHN patients also have access to a dietitian while admitted to the hospital for surgery.
  • Patients of Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer Centre may request to see a dietitian at any follow up appointment with your treatment team.
  • TeleHealth Ontario
    Free, evidence-based nutrition advice is available by calling 1-866-797-0000.
  • Use our Find a Program or Therapist link for other options.