Whether radiation has left you with cancer-related fatigue, or surgery to your face has left you feeling less confident in your appearance, cancer treatment can impact your intimate relationships.

Side effects such as dry mouth, swelling, and pain can decrease your libido, decrease confidence in your self-image, or make it physically difficult to perform intercourse. Healthcare workers admit to waiting for the patient to bring up these issues, while many patients report feeling uncomfortable bringing up the topic. However, the ability to participate in intimate relationships is an important part of your well-being. The resources below are meant to address physical, emotional, and psycho-social aspects of sexuality and intimacy.

Resources for rehabilitation of sexuality or intimacySexuality

Find help with rehabilitation of sexuality or intimacy

  • Sexual Health Clinic
    A sexual healthcare clinic, for UHN patients only, that offers personalized care, both in-person and virtual, to patients/couples with sexual health concerns. To register, call 416-946-4501 ext. 3593 or email Stephen.Guirguis@uhnresearch.ca.
  • Sex Therapists Near You
    Sex therapy involves a range of exercises to enrich intimate relationships. Link provided by the Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy and Counselling in Ontario.
  • Survivorship Clinics at University Health Network
    The survivorship clinics, for UHN patients only, offer an assessment with a physiotherapist trained in pelvic therapy and cancer-related sexual dysfunction.
  • Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Program
    The AYA Program can provide personalized, supportive, non-medical care for patients of the Princess Margaret  aged 39 or under. An AYA team member can address concerns you may have regarding sexuality, sexual health, or fertility preservation and risks. Referral information is available on the website, or call 416-946-4501 ext. 5579. You do not need a referral from your doctor.