Below are resources to address concerns not covered elsewhere on this site.

Resources for other concerns

Coping with cancer: know how to find financial assistance

Financial Impacts of Cancer

Adaptive Equipment
You may wish to purchase or rent equipment that may make your day to day living easier. For example, a chair for the shower if you tire easily, or a special chair or bed for sleeping if you are unable to lie flat.

Ontario equipment vendor list
Equipment vendors are listed alphabetically by city/town. Use the tabs in the bottom of the file to find the vendor closest to you.

Find help for other concerns

Wellspring Money Matters
Adolescent and Young Adult program at University Health Network

Smoking Cessation Programs
You may speak to any member of your health care team about a referral to a smoking cessation program. University Health Network offers programs at each of its outpatient pharmacy locations. Further information is available here.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) also offers an OHIP covered smoking cessation program.